4.5 kg Clegg Impact Soil Tester

Model 96050

Price: $ 6500.00


Has applications in surfaces such as pre-constructed soils, trench reinstatement, bell holes, and foundations.


The Clegg offers a rapid, simple, and relatively inexpensive assessment of the strength and stiffness properties of a variety of soils, aggregates, and synthetic materials.

The basic principle behind the Clegg Impact Soil Tester is to obtain a measurement of the deceleration of a free falling mass (hammer) from a set height onto a surface under the device. The impact test result reflects and responds to characteristics that influence strength. Such influences include material type, grading, layer thickness, density, moisture condition, and possibly the condition of the underlying layer.

The Clegg Impact Tester is a consists of a drop hammer and tablet-based app. When the hammer strikes the soil surface, a precision accelerometer mounted on the hammer feeds its output to a Control Unit, which sends a wireless score to the tablet. A drop or sequence of drops of the hammer constitutes one test called a Clegg Impact Test (CIT). The CIT may be used to observe changes in strength/stiffness for a material with the changes in compactive effort, density, and moisture content.


Tablet-based app accommodates multiple test types and storage

  • Compaction Control: surfaces that are being prepared for roads, bridges, foundations, or trench reinstatement.
  • Impact Control: situations where soft surfaces and hard surfaces could result in the decline of performance and the increase in injuries
  • Customized Protocols

App allows multiple locations and sites to be pre-programmed in advance

  • Speeds up testing process
  • Aids in scoring appropriate areas
  • Drop locations can be defined with a description and/or GPS location

Plunger release can be used to provide a consistent drop distance

  • Creates specialized surface inside the tube where the hammer can rest prior to a surface test

Locking pin attaches hammer to guide tube for safe transport

  • Locking the hammer allows transport without extra jostling and potential of dropping device



  • Maximum Gravities: 500, Maximum CITs: 50
  • Control Unit Battery Life: 12 hours
  • Complete charge in 3 hours
  • Connects to tablet via Bluetooth


  • App available on Google Play or the Apple App Store
  • App Displays/stores results
  • Results can be displayed in Gravities (G) or CITs (Clegg Impact Test)
    • Note: There are 10 G's per 1 CIT unit.

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