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Clegg Impact Soil Tester


Model 95049T

2.25 kg Clegg Impact Turf Tester


Designed specifically for testing on both natural grass and synthetic playing fields. The 95049T Turf version has a reduced range from the standard 2.25 Clegg allowing a more accurate reading in the 0-150 gravities range.


The basic principle behind the Clegg Impact Soil Tester is to obtain a measurement of the deceleration of a free falling mass (hammer) from a set height onto a surface under the device. The impact of the hammer produces an electrical pulse, which is converted into Gravities (g’s). A single blow of the hammer constitutes one test with the peak g (or G-Max) output to the digital display. The instruction manual gives a conversion formula to convert the Clegg reading to the ASTM F355 with the maximum Clegg reading (150 g's) being equal to 219 (g's) of the F355.

The Clegg offers the convenience of rapidly scanning compaction variation over large areas. In research studies, 250 tests were performed with the Clegg in a half-day.


The Clegg is constructed to be extremely durable and easy to operate. The hammer has a hardened strike face, and comes in weights of 0.5 kg, 2.25 kg, 4.5 kg, and 20 kg. The guide tube is metal and will provide years of reliable, accurate service. The control box features a digital display and is powered by two rechargable AA batteries. During operation, the control box may be hand held or mounted to the guide tube.


The test procedure is very rapid and can easily be performed by site personnel with minimal training. Each test can be completed in less than 30 seconds. The results are immediate.

  • Select a level surface. (If needed, lightly scuffing surface with a foot to level the strike area.)
  • The guide tube is set into position, secured by placing a foot on the tube base flange and steadied with the lower leg and knee.
  • The On / Reset Button on the control box is pressed and released to activate the circuitry.
  • The hammer is raised to the drop height indicator mark.
  • The hammer is released allowing it to fall freely and cleanly.
  • Without moving the guide tube or repressing the On / Reset button, the Hammer is raised to the mark and released three more times.
  • The value (CIV) displayed after the fourth blow is recorded and the display automatically powers down 30 seconds after activation.
  • Move to next test site.

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