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Clegg Impact Soil Tester


Model 95045A

Clegg Control


The Clegg Control Unit has been updated to provide the latest features to enhance the use and productivity of the Clegg Impact Soil Tester.

The previous unit offered one feature, i.e. it displayed the peak value of the Clegg Impact Test (CIT). If this result needed to be recorded, the operator had to manually record the result. The new handheld Control Unit is a microprocessor driven device and is powered by rechargeable batteries with an integrated battery charger circuit.

The new Control Unit offers a range of features, which will augment the use of the Clegg Impact Soil Tester on turf and construction surfaces.


The user can choose from several data and test options by using a simple menu routine and the three buttons on the handheld unit. The BASIC Option allows the user to simulate the exact function of the original Clegg Control Unit.

The ADVANCED Option enables the user to store the impact test results, test site information, material under test, time & date, moisture data directly from a moisture probe (optional) and global positioning information (optional). The handheld unit can store up to 864 impact results on over 72 test sites.

The handheld control unit has a USB port that allows information to be shared between a computer and the handheld unit. This is accomplished through the Transmit and Retrieve Utilities contained in the Clegg software CD.

Through the Transmit Utility, the user may download data to the handheld control unit. This includes information on soil types, target impact results, target moisture values, and moisture probe calibration constants.

Through the Retrieve Utility, the user can download information from the handheld unit into an Excel format. This includes impact results and associated data such as time & date, moisture, test site and GPS information to the computer.


The Clegg Control electronics is housed in an ABS enclosure with a rubber protective boot to give you years of reliable, accurate service.


The Clegg Control Unit was designed for one hand operation and weighs less than 500 grams. The shoulder strap enables the operator to use both hands if necessary to set and drop the Hammer. The strap also prevents the Control Unit from being dropped.



Replacement Power Supply for Clegg Control Image

Replacement Power Supply for Clegg Control
Model 3-913-017

Replacement 6V Power Supply used for charging the batteries of the Clegg Control.

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